Book Title Author Description
  Classic Tatting Patterns Anne Orr Seeral mats, medallions and edgings. Black and white. 32 pages.
* Aunt Ellen's Tatting Handbook Workbasket Magazine Stitch diagrams, techniques and projects. Collars and mats plus initials to applique. 64 pages.
  Celtic Tatting Rozelle F. Linden 12 original designs for both needle or shuttle tatters.
  Festive Tatting DMC Tree top ornament of sun catcher. 22 motifs, pinafore edging, 10 christmas ornaments to go over satin balls, 4 notepaper flowers, 4 pincushion edgings, picture frame, handkerchief edging, needle case pattern.
  Learn Needle Tatting - Step by Step Barbara Foster Thread comparison chart, clear instructions with color plates, edgings and medallions. 28 pages.
* Learn Tatting Coats Sewing Group Book No. 1088. Stitch diagrams and techniques. Edgings, doilies and mats. 31 pages.
  Tatted Gathering of Angels Mark Meyers 12 different tatted angels.
  Tatting Carol M. Winandy 20 original patterns, illustrations. 82 pages. Ideas and Hints by Tatsy
* Tatting - The Contemporary Art of Knotting With a Shuttle Rhoda K. Auld 128 pages. Several stitch techniques and diagrams. Edgings, mats and items to wear. Black and white, some color illustrations.
* Tatting - Design From Vitorian Lace Craft Edited by Jules and Kaethe Kliot 64 pages. General instructions, tatting craft, tatting designs and illustrations, tatted yokes and camisoles. Black and white illustrations.
* Tatting Patterns and Designs Glen Blomquist and Elway Persson General information, edgings, stars, medalions, mats and crowns. Black and white. 95 pages