Book Title Author Description
  Battenberg and Other Tape Laces A Dover Needlework Series 111 pages. Methods of basting braid, stitches for fillings, photos of various tapes. Black and white. Techniques, stitches and designs by The Butterick Pub. Co.
* Battenberg and Point Laces Jules and Kaethe Kliot General instructions for working stitches with black and white illustrations. Illustrations of Point Lace pieces, edgings and doillies as well as in Renaissance Lace (Battenberg). No patterns.
* Filet Lace, The Technique of Pauline Knight Clear instructions, diagrams and photos of techniques. Step by step method of making netting. Historical background. A chapoter on symbolism and designs. 138 pages.
* Irish Lace Making Eileen C. O'Connor Complete directions for Limerick, Carrick-Ma-Cross and Tambor laces all worked on net. Black and white illustrations. 40 pages. Front and back covers have pockets with patterns.
* Lace Net Weaving Dontelle Clear stitch diagranms for place mats and pillows. Black and white. 61 pages.
  Needlelace Pat Earnshaw Basic equipment and skills, diagrm of a special pillow. Clear diagrams of stitches. finished pieces shown in color. Directions on making a pattern. 128 pages.
* Needle Lace and Needleweaving - A New Look at Traditional Stitches Jill Nordfors Index of 82 stitches. Illustrations of traditional and contemporary pieces. Black and white, some color illustrations. 160 pages.
* Needlepoint Lace, Introduction to Nenia Lovesey Background to Needlepoint laces, information on preparation and stitches. Directions for making raised work, designing, edges and patterns including doll making. 63 black and white illustrations. 65 black and white photos. 120 pages.
  Needlepoint Lace - Starting Course for Beginners V. Grimwood 128 pages. Black and white photos.
* Needlepoint Lace, The Technique Of Nenia Lovesey A brief history of 12 different laces with 50 black and white photos, 82 diagrams, clear text and easy-to-follow diagrams. 144 pages.
  Outlines and Stitches, A Guid to Design Pat Earnshaw Diagrams of stitch formation, knots, grids, outline and wheels. Black and white plus color plates. History of Halas laces of Hungary. 106 pages.
  Point de Venise, Needlepoint Lace, Technique, Stitches and Designs   Words from editor's collection edited by Mildred Rezabek. 51 pages. Thread sizes on page 2 plus additional insert of 108 patterns. Black and white photos.
  Romanian Point Lace Angela Thompson and Kathleen Waller 144 pages
  Romanian Pont Lace, A Course for Beginners Sylvia Muraria 30 Needle lace stitches, 12 patterns, black and white. 33 pages.
* Teneriffe Sherry Spangler 2 patterns, medalion on gingham and Hen Scratching (Blackwork embroidery) in pamphlet form.
* Teneriffe Lace Work, DMC Library   14 pages of information and working directions. 20 plates containing a series of differnt patterns in medallions and edgings. Black and white.
  Teneriffe Lace, The Technique of A. Stillwell The history of teneriffe plus diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions. 144 pages.