Book Title Author Description
* Cut-Work Embroidery and How to Do It Oenone Cave Designs, stitches, layout and illustrations of finished works. 90 pages. Black and white.
* Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery Esther Fangel, Ida Winckler and Agnete Wuldern Madsen Danish and English text. Black and white illustrations and stitch diagrams. Directions for working a pattern. 100 pages.
* Drawn Thread Work Edited by Th. De Dillmont DMC Library 1st Series. 55 pages of stitch diagrams and text. Black and white. Section of drawn thread work, plates I to XX. Lists of numbers and sizes of DMC cotton, flax and silk.
* Hardanger Embroideries edited by Th. De Dillmont DMC Library 2nd Series. 11 pages of stitch diagrams and text. Section of hardanger embroideries, plates I to XXV. Includes edgings, pillows and clothes.
* Hardanger Embroidery Favorites Susan L. Meier and Rosalyn K. Watnemo General instructions, diagrams of stitches, mats, edgings, doilies and directions for working. Black and white. 47 pages.
* Kulorte hardanger Motiver   Anker Broderibok Nr. 614. Black and pink. Some color plates. Text Norweigian. Diagrams are easy to follow. 47 pages.
* Pulled Thread Embroidery Moyra McNeill Ilustrations of 17th Century Italian and 18th Century German works. Illustrations and stitch diagrams from various countries plus technical information. Black and white. 207 pages.