Book Title Author Description
  IOLI Charter Pattern Book   Available on CD. NOTE: Not all items on the CDs were pout in print format.
2001 Bobbin, crochet and tatting
2002 Bobbin lace, tat key ring
2003 47 patterns, helpful hints
2004 13 patterns, bobbin, tatting, Carrickmacross, helpful hints
2005 Necktie, bobbin lace decoration. 7 bobbin lace patterns, one Carrickmacross. Helpful hints, 5 illustrations.
2006 10 bobbin lace patterns, 7 tatting, 1 cCarrickmacross. 58 illustrations of various laces. 3 cards to be printed and folded for use. Helpful hints.
2007 19 illustrations of laces, 8 with prickings, bobbin, knitting, tatting
  Lessons in Bobbin Lace Doris Southard Included with video and book is a comparison of instructions and patterns covering the first few chapters of the book.
  Russian Tape Lace Lia Baumeister-Jonker 2 DVDs each 1 hour. Technique and directions clearly explained. Pricking andillustration of finished butterfly included. Round doily pattern with pricking included in the package.
  Tatted Lace Start to Finish Bev Dillon On video tape.