Book Title Author Description
* Art & Craft of Old Lace, The Alfred Von Henneberg Introduction and history from 15th to 18th century. 181 black and white plates of portraits, thread diagrams and lace items. A few thread diagrams in color. Bobbin and Needle laces.
* Anchor Manual of Needlework   Sewing, embroidery, drawn thread work, embroidery on counted threads and delicate fabrics, knotted lace, needle and bobbin, crochet, knitting stitch diagrams, pattern samples, etc. Black and white. 499 pages.
  Card Tricks Pattern Booklet Keystone Lace Guild 2004 IOLI Convention. Various hex signs suitable for needle lace or bobbin lace. Patterns in bobbin, tatting, filet crochet, Cluny, Bedfordshire, crochet plus a pattern for a teddy bear.
  Collection of Hearts and a Draedel, A   54 hearts and 1 dreadel pattern. Bobbin, crochet, tat, Hardanger, knit, pulled thread, counted cross stitch, Battenburg, needle lace. DMC Perle Coton color codes, size 12 plus some size 3, 5 and 8. Some original patterns by GCL members.
* Complete Encyclopedia of Needle Work, The Threse de Dillmont Diagrams and illustrations in black and white. Crochet, needlepount, embroidery, crewel, applique, knitting, tapestry weaving, lace, tatting, sewing, linen work, mending and macrame. 787 pages.
  Complete Guide to Needlework Readers Digest 504 pages. Clear diagrams and illustrations, color and black and white. Embroidery, needle point, knitting, applique, quilting, patchwork, macrame, crochet, rug making, lace work.
* Encyclopedia of Needle Work Th. de Dillmont DMC. Some color plates, starts with plain sewing through crochet, etc. and ends with pillow lace and trims. Diagrams and test easy to follow.
* Encyclopedia of Victorian Needle Work S.F.A. Caufield Vol IA - L and Vol. II M-Z. Includes text on all types of needle work, laces and animal skins with helpful ideas on cleaning and caring for textiles. 1200 illustrations, 194 special and 8 color plates.
* Gentle Needle Arts, The Cavendish Books Ltd 151 pages, color illustrations, working diagrams and directions for Daisywork, lacemaking, tatting, netting, Irish Crochet and macrame.
* Handmade Lace and Patterns Annette Feldman 208 pages. Black and white illustrations of laces, thread diagrams and wearing apparel. The story of lace from 5th or 6th century to the modern glorious fine laces. Illustrations of laces followed by working directions. Crochet, hairpin, knitting and tatting.
* International Needle Work Designs Mira Silverstin 50 designs from 17 countries. Illustrations, patterns and stitch diagrams. Some color plates. Includes applique.
* Introduction to Lace, An Gabrielle Pond Needle lace, bobbin, Irish Crochet, macrame, needle point. 39 illustrations, black and white, includes some hand made and machine made comparisons. 72 pages.
* Lace Virginia Churchill Bath Guide to lace making patterns and techniques. Netted laces, techniques for making net, macrame, needle laces and bobbin laces of various types. Some pricking samples and working instructions. 320 pages.
* Le Tricot Bibliotheque DMC Th. de Dillmont Vol. 1 and Vol. II. Description De'Taillee. Execution for the designs/patterns contained within the present album. Le Tricot par Th. de Dillmont (The knitting by Therese de Dillmont). Tables of thread sizes and of DMC colors. Avis important (important advice). Encyclopedia from the Works of Ladies by Th. de Dillmont includes illustrations of various types of laces and embroidery. Vol I has 63 knit illustrations and Vol II has 72 knit illustrations.
* Twentieth Century Lace Ernst Erik Pfannschmidt 216 pages. Over 170 pages of black and white illustrations, a few color plates. Text on lace making in Italy, Belgium, England, Germany and Eastrn Europe with references back to the 11th Century. Technique and style of bobbin and Needle laces, the unique styles of Tulle lace and the growth oflaces from flat to 3 dimensional.
* Woman's Institute Library of Dress Making   267 pages. Covers the development of textile production and manufacture of cotton, linen, wool and silk. History of lace, uses and care of and preservation. Embroideries and Findings, Mending and Household sewing. Practices used in early 1920's. Definitions of useful terms and index.
* 75 X Lace Patricia Wardle Book covers the history of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the importance of "The First Dutch Society for Lace Lovers, Het Kantsalet". Featured is 75 of the most beautiful laces and portraits of Royalty and the wealthy attired in fine laces with a complete catalogue description. 96 pages, some illustrations with good detail. Black and white.