Book Title Author Description
  Anybody Can Mend Lace and Linens Elizabeth M. Kurella 128 pages. Black and white photos, easy-fo-follow diagrams and instructions.
  Beginning of the End, The Ulrike Lohr Techniques, basic skills and helpful hints on what and what not to do. Black and white illustrations and diagrams. Clear color coded instructional diagrams. 144 pages.
  Lace, The Identification of P. Earnshaw 160 pages. Black and white photos. Information on different laces.
* Lace Dealers Pattern Book The Luton Museum Service Historical Introduction, The Pattern Book Appeal, The Conservation Work, Acknowledgements. 39 pages of lace samples.
  Language of Lace In History, The Diane Claeys 1500's to the Victorian era.
  Romance of The Lace pillow, The Thomas Wright Folk Lore. 255 pages plus glossary, bibliography and index. Pages contain poems, black and white illustrations of laces, foot notes and more.
* Textile Fibers and Their Use K. P. Hess How fibers are constructed, how yard is constructed. Wool: it's suitable qualities, Cotton: importance and use. Linen as a textile fiber. History and value of silk. Synthetic fibers.
  Threads for Lace - Edition 4 Brenda Paternoster Thread construction, thread wraps per space, mm grids, thread names. 1350 threads. 100 pages.
  Color Chart   DMC threads