Book Title Author Description
  50 New Bobbin Lace Patterns Claire Burkhard 151 pages, lace to wear, lace for a window, lace for a table, small presents, edgings, collars, cuffs, scarves, ornaments, flowers. See how to use one pattern for more than one use.
  100 Traditional Bobbin Lace Patterns Geraldine Scott and Brigit Cook 220 pages. Buckspoint. Intermediate lacers.
  121 Honiton Lace Filings Christine Hawken 148 pages.
  Amulet Ada van den Boogert A leaflet - Bobbin Lace Jewelry
  Binche - An Introduction Vera Cockuyt 62 pages
* Binche I, Handkerchief Michael Giusian 110 pages, black and white. A brief history of the handkerchief. 25 pages with photos of old handkerchiefs and reconstructed prickings. Pattern selection: 16 handkerchief edgings with color coded thread diagrams andprickings.
* Bobbin Lace Brigita Fuhrman 160 pages. History. Black and white photos of tradicional and contemporary laces, tools and materials, basic techniques and stitch diagrams, patterns of tape laces, crossings and grounds. Text on finishing.
* Bobbin Lace Elsie H. Gubser 54 pages. Tools, materials and terms, prickings, illustrations and directions for edgings, crounds, tape laces, Brussels lace and cornes. Black and white.
  Bobbin Lace Kaethe & Jules Kliot 245 pages, 472 photos, 20 color plates.
* Bobbin Lace, The Art of Louise Augusta Tebbs 1907, reprint 1978. 182 pages. Illustration of the School of Bobbin Lace 1800s. 1900 text written in old style. Pocket inside cover contains 4 sheets with patterns in Duchesse, Honiton, Brussels, Milanese "d'Oley", Dentelle de Bruges "Doyley" and Italian edging. Floral spray for applique on net.
* Bobbin Lace, Special Effects In Sandi Woods 128 pages. Working with colored threads, 20 designs, 30 colour photos and over 180 diagrams andprickings. (Intermediate Lacer)
* Bobbin Lace, Step By Step Osma Gallinger Tod 35 pages. Introduction and forward are good reading. Black and white illustrations and stitch diagrams of grounds, edgings, braids, crossings and embellishments. Point D'espri or squre bobbin made mesh, a type of filet. All with complete text.
  Bobbin Lace Fans Louise Colgan Russian, Torchon, Buckspoint and Bedfordshire fans. 27 pages with photos.
  Bobbin Lace Making Marguerite Brooks The Great Lakes Lace Group
* Bobbin Lacemaking Doris Southard 216 pages, black and white. Hisotry of lace, materials and tools. Many edgings with stitch diagrams that can be adjusted as prickings. Some doilies, chapters on beginning without directions, gimps and illustrations on various laces.
* Bobbin Lacemaking, The Belgian Way Osma Gallinger Tod 13 pages, black and white. Introduction: The art of Bobbin lace making in Europe. Directions on making a Belgian bolster pillow. Illustrations and diagrams of stitches and text on method of making stitches. No patterns.
  Bobbin Lace Manual, The Geraldine Stott Excellent introduction with color coded diagrams
  Bobbin Lace Patterns No. 58   A leaflet. Black and white photos. German
* Bobbin Lace Work Margaret Maidment 184 pages. Chapter I: Handmade bobbin lace work in Egptian tombs. General information on materials, stitches and methods. Chapers on Torchon, Cluny and Beds-Maltese, Honiton and Bucks "Point Ground". Blackand white illustrations and diagrams.
  Bucks Point Ground/Lacemaking C. Channer 60 pages, edgings, black and white, illustrations and stitch diagram, some prickings in graph form.
* Borddekoration Jana Novak Tischdekoration / Table Decoration (Danish, German and English). 72 pages. Chart showing symbols for working diagrams on page 9. Practical advice on page 11. Table runners, napkin rings, various table decorations "Danish Modern". 25 patterns with color photos, stitch diagrams and patterns on a separate sheet. Thread color chart.
  Chrysanthemum Lace Cathleen Belleville 80 ages. 200 detailed instructions, 9 patterns and prickings.
  Cluny de Brioucle Mick Fouriscott and Odette Arpin 45 pages, 10 patterns and prickings, color plates, mostly leaves, French
  Collection of Patterns for Young Lacemakers, A   29 patterns in Bobbin Lace, translation of German and English lace terms, color and black and white illustrations.
* Contemporary Lace Making Constance Nieuwhoff 70 pages. Equipment, materials, making home-made dyeing and spinning. Technique and stitch symbols, modern and abstract lace making. Limited patterns. Color and black and white illustrations.
  Creative Design in Bobbin Lace Ann Collier 144 pages.
  Dutch bobbin Lace Patterns Yvonne Schoele-Kerkhof Withof & Duchesse. 144 pages, 50 patterns.
  Flanders Lace Mary Niven 120 pages, color illustrations, 34 patterns and prickings.
  Grof (Bruge) Bloomwerk (Syllabus) Sonia VanOostorwijck 48 pages, 8 patterns and prickings, information and techniques.
  Grunde (Ground) Ulrike Lohr Voolcker 4 part book on grounds
  Honiton Lace, The Technique of Elsie Luxton 168 pages, 44 pickings, patterns, details and fillings.
  Honiton, the Lace Guild   42 pages, 8 patterns and prickings, easy to follow diagrams of fillings and basic techniques.
  Knyppla Malmberg and Thorlin Bobbin lace with beads.
  Lace Virginia Churchill Bath A Penguin Book, 320 pages. A comprehensive guide to lacemeking, patterns and techniques.
  Lessons in Bobbin Lace Making Doris Southard Lessons in grounds, corners, picots, making pillows. 209 pages, video available, plus a comparison of instructions and patterns covering the first few chapters.
  Milanese Lace Louise Colgan 5 designs with color photos. 30 pages.
  Milanese Lace: An Introduction Patricia Reed and Lucy Kincaid 160 pages, 34 braids, 16 braid fillings, 25 patterns. Black and white photos.
  Milanese Lace, New Braids and Designs Patricia Reed and Lucy Kincaid 136 pages, 55 braids, 31 patterns, black and white photos, 9 color illustrations.
  Motieven in Kleur Sebastiana Van DenKerik 77 pages, 20 patterns and prickings. Has English translation.
  New Bobbin Lace Patterns Tiny Zwalal-Lint 63 pages, 35 patterns.
* New Designs in Lace Making Kristine Malmberg 96 pages, color, black and white illustrations and stitch diagrams. Directions for making patterns. Wearable and decorative laces.
  Patterns and Prickings Collection Ferier Chantal A souvenir copy. Black and white ilustrations, color coded diagrams andprickings. Mats and edgings. 32 pages.
* Pillow Lace Elizabeth Mincoff 231 pages. Pocket inside back cover contains patterns. Historical summary of laces and regions. Descriptions of tools, techniques and stitches as influenced by countries. Patterns: torchon, maltese and cluny lace, plaited lace and Saxony guipure. Includes edgings, corners and D'oyleys.
  Pillow Lace Jeffery Hopewell Introduction to lacemaking in Europe.
  Practical Skils in Bobbin Lace Brigit Cook Hints and techniques for intermediate lacers. 205 pages.
  Roses in Bobbin Lace Eeva-Liisa Kortalahi 120 apges
  Rosilibre Bobbin Lace Cathleen Belleville 124 pages, 17 patterns and prickings. Appendix contains a lot of good information about copyrights. (must buy own book, may not even copy one)
  Schneeberger Lace Lia Baumeister-Jonker Donated to GCL Library by Lia. Very detailed instructions with prickings and color photos. Introduction to lace, contents listed on pages 62 and 63. 24 patterns. Patterns include: earrings, Iris, Tulip, fancy flowers, Elizabeth I, butterflies, tree frog, doilies, edgings.
  'sGravenmour Lace Tiny Bruins and Hanneke Trast Many instructions, 60 pages, 16 patterns and prickings.
  Technique of Bobbin Lace, The Pamela Nottingham Beginning and advanced. Various types of laces, preparation, joining and mounting.
* The Stitches of Bobbin Lace Jules and Kaethe Kliot Structure and Classification.
  Torchon Mo Gibbs The Lace Guild. A basic technical instruction book. 48 pages.
  Torchon Lace Workbook Brigit Cook Beginners. 27 patrerns. Color coded diagrams.
  Torchon Patronen Henk Hardeman 40 patterns and prickings. Nederland.
  Torchon Studfents Workbook Laci's Publications Beginners. 18 patterns, number of bobbin pairs, thread size
  Tulekant Patonen Henk Hardeman 50 patterns and prickings. Nederland
  Wedding Lace Portfolio Louise Colgan 3 designs, black and white photos, 19 pages.