GCL Lace Competition - 2009

Wearable Art

Members were asked to submit lace items that were made in 2009 to our 'Wearable Art' competition. They could be in any lace style - crochet, knit, bobbin, tatting. We had 12 pieces in the competition and they were all beautiful and well done. The decision process for choosing one item out of many was quite hard for our members. Voting was held at the January Saturday meeting and the February Tuesday meeting where the votes were talled and the winners announced. The winning lace pieces were:

  1. Carol Bassoni - christening gown and cap with handmade bobbin and tatted lace inserts and edgings.
  2. Judy Larson - pink crocheted sweater.
  3. Chris Bauer - Bedsfordshire lace fan

We would like to congratulate all those members who participated - your work was beautiful.

Photographs of the Competition Pieces

Torchon Necklace with hand-made cord

Bedsfordshire Lace Fan

Russian Tape Bat

Knit Scarf in Diamond Pattern

Irish Croch Opera Bag

Gold Lace Bracelet

Christening Gown and Cap

Blue Knit Scarf

Rosa Libra Pin

Green Knit Scarf

Tatted Neck Decoration with Beads

Pink Crochet Sweater